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Administration Services

  • Every two years to request contact details of owners to comply with Section 8(3) of the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 and record contact details in accordance with the Act.
  • To record and take appropriate action where infringements of lease covenants and breaches of house rules occur, and to report such breaches to the OMC board.
  • To attend up to four directors meetings annually (or as may be agreed otherwise) plus the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and one Owners General Meeting to consider the annual budget.
  • To prepare relevant reports and updates for meetings of the OMC.
  • To distribute communications to directors/unit owners as appropriate.
  • To maintain records of work carried out, tender exercises and other records related to service provision.
  • To maintain ongoing communication with unit owners and residents to include at least two reports (includes Directors Reports, Newsletters or Circulars) per annum.
  • To liaise with the OMC's auditor in the preparation of returns to the Revenue Commissioners.

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