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Estate Management


  • Advising on alterations to Management and Service Charge structures.
  • To discuss with the OMC, on an annual basis, all maintenance and possible refurbishment programmes including fire safety and other equipment, for consideration by the OMC. External professional advice may be required.
  • To arrange delivery of planned maintenance as decided by the OMC (including contractors whose engagement did not involve the Agent).  A Project Manager may be required and administrative fees may apply as outlined in Schedule II, Part IV.
  • Conduct Monthly visual inspections of the Property to identify routine reactive repairs and renewals.
  • To arrange delivery of unplanned maintenance and renewals as required.
  • Liaising between the Board and professional advisers (Engineers, Architects, Building Surveyors, Project Managers and Contractors) in seeking tenders / proposals for new works, refurbishments, repairs and maintenance and upgrading.

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