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Procurement of Services


Some of the following services may already be in place and can be reviewed on the instructions of the OMC.

Other services may be procured, including services supplied direct by the Agent, subject to board instruction.

  • Cleaning services for external and internal common areas.
  • Window cleaning services both internally and externally in the common areas.
  • Grounds and landscaping maintenance services.
  • Periodic refuse collection and recycling services.
  • Servicing and maintenance for fire safety systems.
  • Servicing and maintenance for security systems.
  • Servicing and maintenance for electrical fittings and equipment.
  • Servicing and maintenance for mechanical fittings and equipment.
  • Vermin and pest control services.
  • Electrical and plumbing services including after hours emergency services.
  • Servicing and maintenance of water and sewage pumps.
  • Servicing, maintenance and periodic inspections of lifts (if appropriate).
  • Servicing and maintenance of all electronic access gates/doors.
  • Accountant to prepare OMC’s financial statements.
  • Auditor to audit and certify the financial statements.
  • Solicitor for legal representation.
  • Relevant professionals to assist in the identification and project management of planned maintenance, refurbishment and improvement works and the sinking fund(s).
  • Relevant professionals to advise on reinstatement value for insurance purposes.
  • Health & Safety expert to advise on management, maintenance and inspections of complex.
  • Relevant professionals to advise on maintenance and renewal of mechanical and electrical equipment, including the project management of these services.
  • Financial advisor to advise on investment options for the OMC's funds, in particular the Building Investment (sinking) fund(s).
  • Relevant professional to prepare Fire Safety Strategy & Management.
  • Sterilisation of communal water tanks when required.

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